Everything Change With Time

In my childhood days, the first thing I saw in the morning after I wake up was mom and papa were having a cup of tea together with small chitchat. Their conversation was like mom speaks a lot while dad was holding that day’s Newspaper Anandabazar Patrika and silently listening to her. She used to bring two small cups, a glass full of tea, some sugar and a plate full of my favourite Marie biscuits on a tray. We, Bengali people, used to follow a culture that in a family, the father gets breakfast or lunch or dinner first then comes the children and in the end, the mother has their breakfast or lunch or dinner. So she used to prepare my dad’s cup first and then hers. Just like me, she loves Marie biscuits a lot. I observed that she dip half a portion of Marie in her cup full of tea and then eat that biscuit. On the other side, dad masticates a portion of Marie then take a sip of tea. She used to offer me a full plate of biscuits but never gave me a cup of tea. As this is a myth that children can’t have tea in the morning instead, we get a glass of milk every day during breakfast. But, I got the permission of dipping my biscuits in my mom’s cup and rejoice that yummy soft soaked Marie biscuits in the morning and start my day. That’s was a habit in my childhood days. I used to eat four to five Marie biscuits every day.

Isn’t it nostalgic?

Now, I have grown up, become an adult, so I can have a cup of tea every morning. Tea brand has changed from some flavoured tea from salt lake tea store to Brooke Bond Red Label Natural care. It’s an Ayurvedic Tea and she is a big fan of Ayurveda. With tea, biscuits type has also changed too. For maintaining my healthy lifestyle, I take Britannia Nutri choice sugar-free crackers and she enjoys her Britannia Good Day Cashew Cookies or Britannia Good Day Butter cookies. I am a night owl so I wake up late every morning after she prepares my cup of tea. While the laddu Gopal Ji has his breakfast, me and my mammy having our tea. Now she speaks less as she lost her best friend eleven years ago. But some things never change like she now prepares my cup of tea first and then hers and she still dip her cookies in her tea and then has hers. On the other side, while having a cup of tea, I glance through my preferable newspaper The Telegraph and T2. Mom read her newspaper after completing her cup of tea.

8 responses to “Everything Change With Time”

  1. That’s so sweet ..it’s also an English thing dipping biscuits in tea!

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    1. Oh, I don’t know that
      Thank you for sharing this with me.

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  2. I love Marie biscuits too. My mom and I used to have a coffee and biscuits party. Great story and thank you for this nice memory.

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    1. Thank you for cherishing my story.

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  3. You replied to this comment.

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    1. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

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  4. This was a lovely writeup. Nostalgic yes. Is it Marie Gold you’re talking about, the circular ones? That, and Parle-G, were the ones we had in our childhood. And I can relate with children not given tea in the morning. So typical of us Indians. :))

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    1. Yes, those circular ones Marie Gold
      Yeah Parle-G and Milkbikis were also there

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