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Caz Today Is World Music Day

I have an old-schooled,retro-style Philip radio   from where I listen to music most of the time. Though nowadays, we prefer Spotify and a speaker or headphones to listen to music, even I possess Spotify and Wynk music. Somehow I am emotionally bounded with this device when I was not allowed to watch television because I have eye power, I used to listen to music on the radio. I spent my entire adolescent period with radio and it becomes my bestie. Sometimes mom hides the radio as I will listen to music on the radio the whole day. Listening to the music on the radio while solving the exercise problems of mathematics is my favourite. But now I listen to music on my radio once a day as now we have a social media platform and scrolling through the Instagram feed or Facebook news feed is a must, even we don’t know how many times we scroll in a day. I use my phone the whole day as I can’t live without my phone but at the end of the day, blue light from my phone never let me fall asleep whereas the songs at the low sound from the radio aid to sleep.

My bestie My Retrostyled Radio


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