Holi Without Colours

Today, 10 of March 2020, is Holi, And yes, this year I spend my Holi well, to be specific much better than those past years.

Whether your life gives you beautiful memories or awful memories, we always remember both the memories. Isn’t it true?

Today I was recalling some awful memories

Eight years back, when I was in school, as far as I remember, I was in class 7. Holi festival always comes in the middle of my examination or 2-3 days before my examination starts. That year, Holi was in the middle of my examination. This is why my classmates always plan to play Holi on the last day of the Annual examination. When everyone was busy playing Holi, I have to lock up myself in a room for studying. I am always at ease with this isolation lifestyles. I don’t have any neighbouring companions with whom I will miss playing Holi. I never played Holi with my friends.

Ultimately, the last day of my examination arrived, before entering the examination hall, my classmates informed all other classmates about the different colours they bought while I was listening from a distance. No one is interested to talk to me, specifically not interested to play Hoil with me. As soon as the exam ends, all my classmates rushed downstairs and started to play Holi. I saw every one of my classmates bought different colours like yellow, green, purple and so many colours. While every one of my classmates is busy smudging colours on each other, I was standing alone downstairs. No one is interested to give some colours to me, not even littlest. I know my friend doesn’t like me at all. Or maybe I do not belong to the rich family, maybe there was some reason. I don’t know the reason. I only know Holi is a festival of colour. Hoil is about celebrating happiness with and family. People forget their troubles and indulge in this festival to celebrate brotherhood. In other words, we forget our enmities and get into the festival spirit. Holi is also called the festival of colours because people play with colours and apply to each other’s faces to get coloured in the essence of the festival. In India, People only write it in the essay to score good marks but never do it in real life. They remember everything, the people they dislike, the people whom they never suppressed, the people with whom they never deal, during the festival as well as normal days. Anyway, 15 minutes later, the whole downstairs was covered with different colours and a small plastic containing leftovers of pink colours. All my classmates left. I stilled waiting for my school bus. Two boys were rejected like me. I don’t know my classmates never talk to those boys. They were last benchers. Even I don’t talk to them just like my friends do, unless some emergency. One of the boy picked up that plastic and took some colour and throw it at me. He wants to give me some colours – those leftover colours. I move aside. Though I don’t have friends I do have self -respect.

I don’t know is it a lesson for me or just a bad luck?

Sometimes I think it a lesson.


Maybe a lesson or not.

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